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Final Conference : Thinking About Europe

The Foundations for Futures Europe final event Thinking about Europe is taking place in

Maynooth University on Thursday 20 Oct. 2022. This final conference will reflect on the work that the partner organisations have undertaken in the past year but will also create a space for thinking about Europe's futures. This unique consortium comprised of a combination of universities and civil society organisations, has worked with students, citizens and new arrivals engaging at all levels of society from institutions whose research helps to inform policy makers to the very people living on the margins that these policies affect. As we enter into a winter of uncertainty the need for solidarity has never been felt as keenly as it is now. Join us in conversations around the issues that impact us all. Workshops on the day will include:

  • Europe's cost of living Crisis: Unpacking European Poverty Watch data

  • Migration: Welcome to fortress Europe

  • Populism, nationalism and Identity: European integration-coming together or drifting apart-spotlight on Serbia.

  • The Future of Employment: Inclusive and Digital workplaces and spaces.

  • Health and Wellbeing: Green and Blue Space, thinking outside the box

  • The Climate Crisis: Finding an equitable way forward.

Admission: Free.

Places are limited.

Register now for this final event HERE

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