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Foundations for Futures Europe Maynooth University Symposium

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The plenary of the Foundations for Futures Europe Maynooth University opening symposium brought together some interesting conversations on migration, disability and equality, digital literacy and the older person, social inclusion and future employment. Great contributions from the workshop attendees and really great to hear the voices of young Europeans from Pobalscoil Neasain fully involved with the themes explored. At the end of a very long and engaging day the idea of a 'new economy' based on relationships of care and not the pursuit of endless growth was aired. The consensus from those present was that it cannot be left to the next generation to fix the problems caused by previous generations and the words from Prof Sweeney's keynote echoed through that our greatest hope is in coming together and working together to tackle the issue of climate change but it is equally true of the other challenges facing humanity in the Twenty-First century. Intergenerational education and real Lifelong Learning has its part to play. Time to think and act differently.

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