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Is culture accessible to everyone?

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Novi Sad holds the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture. And why we enjoy many cultural events, we paused to ask a question - Is culture accessible to everyone? In search of answers and as part of the FFE project, in mid-April the Faculty of Philosophy from Novi Sad started the program "Cultural participation of socially vulnerable groups". We were happy to host in a panel discussion experts from different fields:

  • Dr. Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski, director of the Matica Srpska Gallery,

  • Milica Mima Ružičić-Novković, president of the Center for Living Upright and coordinator of the program for equality in public communication,

  • Ivan Milenković, philosopher, translator, and journalist Third Program, Radio Belgrade, and

  • Žarko Šunderić, director of the Center for Social Policy.

The program gathered 20 students of Cultural Studies, Sociology, Pedagogy, Journalism, and Communication and Public Relations. In interdisciplinary teams, students will conduct a series of interviews during April and May, asking: How accessible are cultural institutions to everyone? Who are their services for? How do they adapt to the needs of different groups? Can all citizens meet their needs for culture - theaters, cinemas, concerts, galleries, books, museums…

We will report about their findings at the end of May.

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