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My 10 questions about the EU

1. How big can we get?

Is the EU capable and/or willing to expand to as many countries as the Council of Europe perhaps? How can this be decided, stopped or handled?

2. Will we ever become one state?

Looking back to member state decisions not to adopt a unifying constitutional text in the early 2000, has the effort been halted completely?

3. How is democracy ensured within the EU procedures?

How should the interest of the citizens be rekindled? What is the role of civil education and how far do the states want to go in participatory procedures that involve all their constituents?

4. Has Brexit opened up the way to dismantling?

Will Grexit, Italexit and other such words take flesh and blood or will there be a lot of work put into strengthening instead of weakening the union?

5. How European do the citizens of the EU feel?

Do we know our rights and obligations within the union? What would it take for us to care?

6. Will the EU be able to tackle migration?

Will we uphold human rights and respect international treaties and European charters? Will war and climate refugees be able to dream of a better, more secure life within the union’s borders?

7. Can the EU defend itself against a potential enemy?

Who decides who the enemy is? How peaceful do we see ourselves and how does that perception influence our economic policies and decisions about trading with states outside the EU?

8. Do all EU citizens share the same values?

How do we immerse ourselves in the European way of life? Who set the rules? Am I first a European citizen and then a national of my country?

9. Should the EU expel countries whose governments fall short of the rule of law?

How far can not respecting the treaties, the charters, human rights, regulations, directives, trade agreements and decisions take a member state? What happens when democracy is no longer the case?

10. Can the EU actually make a difference when it comes to climate change?

Can we do this alone? Are we determined enough?

More questions to follow…

by Mado Baboula

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