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"Ticket to EU" – an interactive city escape game on the topic of accessing the job market

A team building tactical game in the city center of Pécs (Hungary) was designed with university students. In the outdoor escape game, similar to an indoor escape game, we have to solve interactive logic and skill tasks, taking advantage of all the advantages of modern technology, but not neglecting the physical tasks either. As the game takes place outdoors, new opportunities have opened up for the execution of tasks, the construction of gameplay, and the solution of tasks. Following the points and tasks scattered around the World Heritage inner city of Pécs, the concept is from the “Ticket to ride Europe” game.


One guide to each group walks them down to the Locations:

  1. The square in front of the Greek Catholic Church in Xavér

2. Barbican

o Cathedral


  • Self-knowledge

  • Career orientation

  • Counselling peer groups

Summary with pictures and videos – Back to Room 027, Rókus Campus

College Afternoon - College for Social Inclusion – board games

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