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Workshop 3rd of May and Europe Day 9th of May

On the 3rd of May we had a workshop with our participants about the EU on how it works and how it affects us.

How important it is that the EU was founded from a peacekeeping perspective, and how do we keep the focus on this. We talked about how Urkraft and the EU are connected, the funds we receive support from to support our participants in finding what is really important to them for a sustainable life. Several of our participants gained a greater picture and understanding of the support given from the EU to the development of individuals and society.

During Europe Day 9th of May, we showed a live broadcast from the CEO of the North Sweden European Office, Mikael Jansson. He also had his starting point on how the EU is created as a peace project for sustainable development in Europe. But again, we see wars and refugees flows. A pandemic has fueled previous economic crises, we are facing a huge climate challenge to deal with and there is division between different countries. What does this mean in turn for northern Sweden and the northern part of the EU's increasingly hot Arctic region? We have a great development of the industry that will make our environment better, but how are these cities and areas affected when they must quickly expand with more people, more means of communication, more roads and the societal benefits which need to change for larger populations. What happens to the environment, nature and people in these areas and times? This was interesting and the question becomes how I as an individual can contribute to a good development in this. For many it is positive when jobs opportunities increase, but when it goes fast it can be difficult for the whole society to keep up and this can create risks for our democracy for those who experience an exclusion in the development and how do we capture this to preserve our democracy?

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